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Update on UTSNF

Hey everyone,

For those who didn’t get the email..
Here are up upcoming events:

Thursday, April 18th 2013 – Board Games Afternoon!

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 – Ice Skating at Macquarie Ice Rink. Its mid-sem break (YAY!) so we decide that it would be pretty cool if we went ice skating!

Saturday, April 27th 2013 – UTSNF PICNIC!!!! Just to wrap up the mid-sem break it would be cool if we had a picnic and do group activities and things like that!

Thursday, May 2nd 2013 – Unlimited Games Evening!!

Friday, May 10th 2013 – MOVIE NIGHT!

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite film

Don’t forget to help support the Nerdfighteria documentary.
See how you can help out here-

Or follow them on tumblr as well :D

Have an awesome mid semester break everyone! 



Welcome everyone to UTS Nerdfighters new Tumblr! 
We will be posting nerdfighter and general nerdy news. As well as lots of fandoms. So watch this space :D
The details of events are on our facebook page or you can join the Email list.

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